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    We are excited to inform you that you now have access to the following FAC professional development courses via your Faculty Dashboard!

    • FAC100: Excelsior College New Faculty Orientation
    • FAC112: Overcoming Hidden and Unconscious Bias
    • FAC114: The Power of Teaching Presence
    • FAC116: Introduction to Open Educational Resources

    These courses are not required for current faculty. However, we encourage you to explore them as you will find a wealth of information and resources to assist you in your role as an adjunct instructor. These are self-paced tutorials that include optional self-check activities to help evaluate your understanding of the material. You may refer to the course materials throughout your tenure at the College.

    If you have any questions regarding the FAC professional development courses, please contact your Faculty Program Director.

    Thank you for helping us provide our students with an outstanding EC experience!